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Countdown to Tales of the Abyss English Release — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Countdown to Tales of the Abyss English Release

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Results of the Release Celebration P-chat [Oct. 15th, 2006|03:04 am]
Countdown to Tales of the Abyss English Release

Beware of Cheegles, Buusagis and crackCollapse )

Thanks to altitudeissues, raethes, sirchuc, maiki, jeneko, colorlessfire, sushihane, kurot, noetma, skuldnoshinpu, hooli, rune_devros, ranchelle, fluffyduck, pompi, keyk, silentwalker507, yhibiki, squri, meru_neko, peachifruit, hikarugenji, broken_melodie, charmwitch, fayore, loliverse, cybersky, lunarxskies, Silv, Emochoo and Sorenn for coming! Hope you guys had fun. :D

[Edit] More here! (thanks silentwalker507)
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Tales of the Abyss Release Celebration P-Chat [Oct. 11th, 2006|11:30 pm]
Countdown to Tales of the Abyss English Release

There is a server maintenance at 7:30 pm (-4 GMT) so the p-chat board should be back up in a few minutes. Hope to see you then!

... Okay, it's back up. :D

It seems like the majority of people are free on Saturday night (-4 GMT), so the paint chat will take place then. Sorry to those who can't make it. D8 We'll make up for it with another p-chat later on, so don't worry! And we'll make sure to report and take screenshots as much as possible. 8D

:: Who
Any Abyss fan is welcomed! Lurkers may also join in the fun.

:: Time
-4 GMT: Saturday 7 pm
0 GMT: Saturday 11 pm
+8 GMT: Sunday 7 am
For others please refer to your country's time zones.

:: Place
Maiki's P-Chat board
Make sure to read the guidelines to avoid any general confusion as we will be a large group.

To those who will make it: hope you enjoy and have fun! Try to avoid spoilers as much as possible as many are not far into the game. Also, don't forget about the crack. ♥

By the way, we're making another countdown for Tales of Destiny for the PS2 that's being released on November 22nd in Japan. I haven't put the info up yet, but it's generally the same as this one. Be sure to be on the lookout at count2destiny. :3
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P-chat Time for this Weekend [Oct. 10th, 2006|02:25 pm]
Countdown to Tales of the Abyss English Release

You can vote more than once, so pick all your available times. It's impossible to have everyone on at the same times but we must decide on one that's best for the majority.

And p-chats tend to stretch out for at least 4+ hours so you may join in later if you can make it then. The Tales of Legendia release celebration ended up being 22 hours long after all. XD Yes, I know I'm crazy.

We can always have one later this year when most are done with the game so we can draw as many spoilers as we want without having to worry. :D

Best times for you?

Friday 7 pm (-4 GMT) | Saturday 7 am (+8 GMT), 8 am (+9 GMT)
Saturday 8 am (-4 GMT), 8 pm (+8 GMT), 9 pm (+9 GMT)
Saturday 7 pm (-4 GMT) | Sunday 7 am (+8 GMT), 8 am (+9 GMT)
Sunday 8 am (-4 GMT), 8 pm (+8 GMT), 9 pm (+9 GMT)

-4 GMT = Eastern North America (with DLST)
+8 GMT = Malaysia
+9 GMT = Japan
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